Recession Proof Healthy Chocolate For Oslo

Oslo Hot Job In one of his always-insightful messages, Dan Martin, Xocai Vice President of distributor relations emphasized an important fact : Oslo Direct Marketing Businesses do well in economic downturns.

(I quote from his message with a few minor additions to personalize it for my readers):

The majority of today’s Oslo workforce is on the brink of economic collapse, living paycheck-to-paycheck, Norway retirement funds dwindling or gone, and wishing they were self-employed. Norway people can’t afford to tell their Europe employer, “That’s it, I’m done.”

But our industry is booming in Norway! Direct selling is one of the few business models that do well in Oslo in economic downturns. Your efforts are what allow you to break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, set realistic retirement goals, and answer only to yourself.

I am sure you don’t need Dan Martin to remind you of the barren Oslo economic landscape. I was feeling uneasy about my Oslo professional future when I took a risk and started my own Oslo Xocai antioxidant chocolate business.

It wasn’t necessarily a financial risk, Xocai has low start-up costs for Europe and USA weight-loss chocolate entrepreneurs. It was more of a psychological risk. I had to believe that Norway home-based antioxidant chocolate business success is possible.

Fortunately, my healthy chocolate business got off the ground quickly. (That’s not surprising; I sell healthy chocolate to Oslo antioxidant chocolate lovers.) Early success with short-term goals builds the confidence to reach long-term financial goals.

Let’s talk about your financial future. My number is +4795979700 and my email address is

Yours, Dagny Louise Rekaa.

About louise

I live and work in Oslo/Norway. I am friend with and also work with people from many different countries. My profession is from the health field and working with Xocai, made me able to not only help people keeping and gaining better health, bu also help others to fulfill their dream concerning time and money. We are many who now can afford to spend more time on what is important to us! Thanks to Xocai!
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