Oslo Fitness Buffs Love Xocai

Oslo  Fitness Buffs The health and wellness market is booming in Oslo. If you don’t believe me, try to find a free machine at your nearest Europe gym or locate a spot on the floor for your mat at a crowded yoga class at any USA studio. Though many industries are struggling in this economy, companies that sell health supplements and provide other wellness products and services are finding a steady market in the Oslo and Europe areas.

I am currently profiting from the robust Norway health market with a truly unique company that has created a revolutionary wellness product category. I have been selling Xocai Healthy Chocolate since September 2009 . Can you think of a better combination; powerful nutritional products made with antioxidant-rich weight-loss chocolate

My customers are not all Norway body builders, Oslo triathletes nor Europe yoga lovers. To tell the truth, many of my Xocai healthy chocolate regulars are not crazy about exercise. They are simply crazy about chocolate but don’t want to risk heart disease and diabetes by consuming harmful chocolate on a daily basis. By ‘harmful chocolate’ I am referring to pretty much all chocolate products except Xocai Healthy Dark Chocolate.

Speaking of diabetes, many of my customers actually are diabetics. They eat Xocai healthy chocolate daily because, with Xocai chocolate’s low glycemic index, they are one of the few sweets that Norway diabetics can eat without worrying about elevated blood sugar.

Call me at +4795979700 or email dl@rekaa.no to tap into the booming health and wellness market in Oslo. You, too, can profit from the genius of Xocai.

Yours, Dagny Louise Rekaa.

About louise

I live and work in Oslo/Norway. I am friend with and also work with people from many different countries. My profession is from the health field and working with Xocai, made me able to not only help people keeping and gaining better health, bu also help others to fulfill their dream concerning time and money. We are many who now can afford to spend more time on what is important to us! Thanks to Xocai!
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